In today’s digital age, buyers have more access to technology and information than ever before. 90% of buyers, and 96% of millennials start their search for a property online. To increase your return in equity and reduce the time a property sits on the market, consider these five crucial steps! 

 1. Ensure that your property can be found online; not just on the MLS, but on all platforms. Real estate search engines, social media, international buyer networks, referral connections and private investor groups are all places you want to be.

2. Make sure your property stands out! Professional images of your home staged or virtually staged are a must. Other useful tools include property lifestyle videos, 3D rendered floor plans and virtual walk-throughs.

3. After online research is completed, 43% of buyers drive by a property and choose not to view it. 

Great curb appeal is more important than ever and even technology can’t paint your front door!

4. Once a viewing is scheduled, first impressions are made within seconds of walking in the door. Buyers are looking for move-in ready, attractive, on-trend spaces. Decluttering and proper scale and flow throughout the property are key!

5. Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments one will make in a lifetime. Buyers need to see your property as their new space, the one that they just have to have! 

Depersonalizing the space and staging to the target buyers’ lifestyle will help make this emotional connection.

While this list may seem daunting, hiring the right team of real estate, property lifestyling and marketing professionals to work with you will make this process seamless!