Design Trends and Property Lifestyling: What You Need to Know

As this year draws to a close, the excitement is starting to build for a new year, and for the chance to start fresh with inspirational new trends, colours and styles. Finding the right balance between modern and trendy, while still protecting your home’s equity and appealing to a wide range of buyers, can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you navigate these decisions. 

KEEP FIXED ASSETS NEUTRAL Fixed assets such as cabinets, flooring, exterior finishes and tile are more likely to become outdated and cause future buyers to be put off by what they see as a lot of extra work and expense to update.

PLAY WITH PAINT AND WALLPAPER Wallpaper and bold paint, especially in smaller spaces, can add immediate personality and style to a home, but can easily be changed out. Removable wallpaper can range from coloruful dots that add whimsy to a nursery to large scale floral murals that add drama to a living room wall.

HAVE FUN WITH ACCESSORIES If there is a trend out there that makes your heart sing, go for it! Cushions, art and accessories are the quickest way to showcase the latest trends without breaking the bank. If the trend you love isn’t popular among buyers, the items can be removed when you do put your home on the market!

THE RULE OF THUMB If it is difficult or expensive to change, stick to more timeless choices. If it is easy or inexpensive to change, embrace whatever trends make you happy. Working with your local real estate and design professionals can help you make the right colour, trend and design choices so you can love the home you live in now, and provide an appealing property lifestyle for future buyers!