How Property Lifestyles Help your Home Sell Quickly and at a Great Price

One of the best ways to ensure your home sells quickly and at a great price is to ensure you portray a strong property lifestyle within the home. Every home portrays a type of lifestyle, the key is to ensure that the lifestyle showcased matches the targeted demographic!

Here are a few steps to help you create a property lifestyle for your home.

EVALUATE – Consider the neighbourhood features, price point and style of the home.  

What type of buyer will be most interested in this property? 

The difference between potential buyers for a four bedroom home in the suburbs and a high-rise condo in a trendy downtown neighbourhood will affect the property lifestyle you want to present in your home.

ELIMINATE – The one thing nearly all buyers have in common is that they are busy and want an up-to-date, well maintained,

move-in ready home. Look at your property from the eyes of a potential buyer and eliminate possible concerns. Repair and replace anything that is worn or dated, freshen up with paint and declutter! Pack up everything you can live without, (you’ll need to do it anyway) and then clean, clean and clean some more.

EMPHASIZE  – Highlight the features of the home that will appeal to your target market and create a cohesive lifestyle story throughout the home by using colour, pattern and form to unify the space.

ENHANCE – Enhance the property lifestyle with details and accessories that offer a wow factor of aspirational living. Think about what will inspire your targeted buyer. An ambitious young professional may be wowed by a space with luxurious modern touches that inspire a feeling of success. A young family will respond well to warm, welcoming spaces where they can imagine their children at play. Use these small touches to create that feeling of what they aspire to have in their life.

EXPERIENCE – Work with professionals to guide you, and when done right, these steps will ensure that what you put in will come back to you. 

You might just have a little fun along the way!