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We position, prepare, present and promote properties to create lifestyles that stand out, in person and online.

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Property Lifestyles minimize any flaws in a property and maximize its attributes, thus increasing desirability and perceived value.

We position, prepare, present, and promote your property to create emotional connections and irresistible lifestyles that stand out in the marketplace, and encourage buyers to feel at home.

"Karina stands out as being

one of the very best."

"In my fourteen years of selling real estate I have come across lots of professionals and Karina stands out as being one of the very best. Her opulent style always comes through in her work but it’s her ability to highlight the fabulous and tone down the less desirable elements of any home that makes her so successful. Karina is the queen of detail but it’s the big picture that puts Karina head and shoulders above other stagers. While others are focused on matching towels, Karina is busy bringing the whole property to life, giving each space an opportunity to shine. Karina’s magic can virtually change the flow of a home. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”