What they Say.

We position, prepare, present and promote properties to create lifestyles that stand out, in person and online.

“I’ve been fortunate to work on several of Karina’s projects. As a photographer, I deeply appreciate the aesthetic of interior design. Karina has an amazing ability to combine classic elements with touches of whimsy, resulting in a palette that is considerate of both space and environment.

She has been pleasure to work with!”


“I have been in real estate marketing for over a decade and have dealt with many different Realtors during that time and have really been impressed with what Karina Strachan and the Property Lifestyles has to offer. They really stand out. In my industry, creativity is so vitally important. For years I have been trying to figure out new ways to catch people’s attention through unique marketing concepts and tools. What Karina has to offer is that type of thing that will really knock your socks off!

Her tools and techniques truly stand out which in essence provide a way for her clients to also stand out.


“Karina is professionalism personified. It only takes a few moments into a conversation with her to understand her complete passion for real estate. Her enthusiasm when she speaks of homes, whether estate properties, design and development, or luxury home features is contagious. Her knowledge and expertise are reflected in her focus and dedication to her industry.

If you have the opportunity to work with this lady, take it!”


Working with Karina and Property Lifestyles has literally transformed the way I do business. With a high volume of listings per year, I can count on a consistent approach and exceptional results to make my listings memorable, and my marketing a breeze! If you want successful real estate lifestyle marketing, you need to take a page from her book!

If you want successful real estate lifestyle marketing, you need to take a page from her book!”


“In my fourteen years of selling real estate I have come across lots of home stagers and Karina stands out as being one of the very best. Her opulent style always comes through in her work but it’s her ability to highlight the fabulous and tone down the less desirable elements of any home that makes her so successful. Karina – the Property Lifestylist – is the queen of detail but it’s the big picture that puts Karina head and shoulders above the rest. While others are focused on matching towels, Karina is busy bringing the whole property to life, giving each space an opportunity to shine. There is a reason Karina is the Property Lifestylist, her understanding of property function and how to maximise that function in a visually appealing way is second to none. Karina’s magic can virtually change the flow of a home. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Karina’s magic can virtually change the flow of a home”

—Gavin Price | Mr & Mrs Price | Stilhavn Real Estate Services

“Karina was an absolute pleasure to work with! Her keen eye for detail, exquisite taste in design and true professionalism are what makes her so great at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their home or looking to sell fast!

Karina was an absolute pleasure to work with!”


“Picture this… One phone call and some Property Lifestyles, and my investment property went from good to exceptional and sold for 10% higher than it would have otherwise… all without me lifting a finger or even being there.

If you want your property to stand out in the marketplace, and look great on social media, you’ve got to do it too!! ”


“I have known Karina as a real estate and design professional for several years now, and can honestly say that her Property Lifestyles system is as unique and dynamic as she is! I believe it will help propel any Realtor to where they want to be with lifestyle goals for their properties, and themselves.

I can’t wait to put the Property Lifestyles to work in my own real estate business, you’ve got to check this out! ”


“Before going through the Property Lifestyling of my home, I was literally dreading having people coming into my space. By the end of the process, however, I felt we had created a space that was no longer mine, but the next buyer’s, and the experience became far easier and much less personal.

It was almost as if the physical process provoked a psychological reaction, or an emotional reset, and I was not as attached anymore… to the contrary I was looking forward to the next step in my journey!”


“Collaborating with Karina can give you that extra edge. Her keen eye for design and lifestyle appeal, combined with her experience in buying and selling, building and renovating homes makes her the perfect partner.

Whether you take advantage of her full marketing and lifestylist package or choose particular components, working with Karina can make all the difference in getting that listing, and being a stakeholder in the your ultimate success!”


“Property Lifestyles fills a gaping hole in the Real Estate industry today. While most realtors are negotiating their price and their services and putting up signs, Karina and the Property Lifestyles process alleviate stress, boost equity, and provide support every step of the the way.

Working with the system allowed me to transform an extremely challenging project into an extremely marketable one… and have a little fun along the way! Highly recommended if you want a partner in real estate, and not just a salesperson.”


“Karina was instrumental in the quick and successful sale of my property despite a recent softening in the luxury market. Already a top of the line, 5+million view home, it was made all the more appealing with Karina’s meticulous choices to highlight the incredible lifestyle that the property offered.The home showed better, made for superior marketing materials, and sold faster and for more because of her input.

She was pleasant and professional to deal with, and I would recommend her to anyone wishing to sell their luxury home! ”